The Union | Arch:id 2024


The Union: Unification through Materials and Space is a synergistic and explorative exhibition installation that invites participants to gather and experience a synergy between materials with different uses, merging into a unity form.

The form of “The Union” is inspired by synergizing two distinctive masses: Rooftop pavilion and Duma pavilion. Rooftop Pavilion is a mass consisting of curvaceous stair covered with roofing sheets. These roofing sheets are precisely cut into curvature shapes, divided into modules, and then arranged as stair
railings and the facade of “The Union.” Thus, it becomes the distinctive characteristic of the pavilion.

Duma Pavilion serves as a main entrance with an arch opening, creating a sense of welcome for the participants. It also directly leads participants to the spiral stairs, embracing a harmonious transition between Wood Polymer Composite and UPVC material.

A striking decoration is visible upon entering the entrance: a parametric arrangement of wood louver
profiles using DUMA Click On Hollow Panels, which act as pattern connectors to the Rooftop stair railing.

“The Union” conveys the message of tolerance to participants and unites different uses and textures of
the materials to create a unified space.





Double Crescent
BS Residence