The Sandwich


Perched gracefully upon a sloping terrain, the villa floats within the natural contours of its surroundings. Nestled unobtrusively at the rear of the site, the villa’s strategic placement provides a front-row seat to the panorama of the cliff and the expansive vista beyond. This carefully chosen vantage point allows the occupants to maximize the site experience while maintaining a sense of privacy.

The architecture is a composition of two layers of planes sandwiching five distinct boxes positioned at varying angles. Each of the angled boxes is curated to capture distinctive views across the site. The remaining cliff is transformed into a system of agriculture terracing to accommodate the owner’s interest in farming. This fluid dialogue between the built environment and the natural landscape imbues the villa with an air of tranquility and a deep-rooted sense of place.


Trawas, East Java



Hue Fantasia | Arch:id 2024
TS Residence