ST Residence


Positioned prominently at a corner lot, this architecture commands attention across the entire site. The U-shaped configuration maximizes the site’s potential while adhering to necessary setbacks, creating an internal courtyard that enhances the spatial dynamics. The courtyard layout is embraced to complement the location, ensuring abundant natural light permeates every corner of the residence.

This design affords a generous driveway and outdoor balconies, catering to the daily needs of its occupants. The façade, deliberately asymmetrical, emphasizes its commanding presence at the block’s corner. Its irregular rhythm not only adds a dynamic visual appeal but also breaks away from the traditional redundancy often seen in classical buildings. Adding to its allure, a striking double-height entrance frames the façade, welcoming guests through a spectacular main entrance after they’ve been dropped off. This architectural choice elevates the residence’s grandeur and ensures a memorable arrival experience.


Surabaya, East Java



BS Residence
Expat Roasters