RT Mansion


This grand modern classic mansion, set within a generous setback, is a testament to architectural opulence. From the moment of arrival, the main car drop area exudes grandeur, drawing inspiration from the soaring Gothic vaulted ceilings. It serves as a majestic welcome to the residence.

At the heart of this grand mansion lies a centerpiece of exceptional beauty—a pristine pool enveloped by the surrounding building massing. The architectural motif of arches takes center stage, weaving its way throughout the house. These arches become a language of their own, adorning openings, wall decorations, and various design elements, creating a harmonious and multifaceted architectural narrative. This consistent motif provides the residence with a unified and visually captivating identity, ensuring that every facet of the design reflects a timeless grandeur that resonates with classical architectural traditions.


Surabaya, East Java



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