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NS Mansion


This two-story modern classical mansion exudes an aura of discreet grandeur, hiding away from the main road, creating an enchanting allure all its own. The privatized mansion’s architectural composition consists of four primary house masses, each designed to accommodate distinct programs: service, public, semi-public, and private.

These house masses are strategically arranged, with pockets of meticulously landscaped areas interspersed between them. This deliberate placement fosters direct and harmonious connections between the architecture and the surrounding landscape, blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.  The architecture is complimented by an abundance of natural light and fresh air that gracefully permeates each corner of the house. Ample daylighting and natural ventilation are seamlessly integrated throughout the mansion, enriching the living experience and inviting the beauty of the outdoors into every aspect of daily life.


Karawang, West Java



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