LS Residence


Situated prominently on a corner lot adjacent to the bustling main road, this architectural endeavor is designed with a resolute purpose: to offer a serene sanctuary to its occupants, sheltering them from the urban commotion.

At its core, the architecture pays homage to the most fundamental and childlike perception of a house—a simple box crowned by a substantial hip roof. This seemingly basic concept becomes the driving force behind the entire architectural narrative. However, this age-old notion of a house is reimagined through a lens of contemporary sophistication, resulting in a design that is both timeless and modern. A curved wood wall serves as the bridge between the architecture and the roof, seamlessly uniting these elements into a cohesive whole. The generous roof overhang extends as a protective canopy, offering respite from the weather – a hallmark of refined tropical residences.


Surabaya, East Java



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