Lexus GIIAS 2023


As the premier automobile expo in Southeast Asia, GIIAS 2023 is a haven for car enthusiasts. The booth design for this week-long event aims to captivate while exuding an inviting allure. With the theme “Reflect,” the design draws inspiration from the past while aspiring towards the future. It strikes a balance between simplicity and futurism.

Taking cues from natural elements like zen gardens and their organic forms, both the exterior and interior of the booth embody this aesthetic. Suspended clouds encircle the cars, spotlighting each vehicle within its distinct zone. At the heart of the interior lies a diamond-shaped zen garden, serving as the focal point. The furniture and ceiling design radiate outwards, framing this central landscape element.

An integral part of the theme is the display of the concept car “Hansha.” The silhouette of this visionary vehicle, showcased at a 1:1 scale, embodies Lexus’s forward-looking vision for the future of automotive innovation.


Jakarta, West Java