Hue Fantasia | Arch:id 2024


Hue Fantasia : A Perception Through Space and Colour. The Installation set out to create an immersive architectural space that is personal, humane, and in harmony with architectural elements. Inviting participants into the realm where the elements and effect intertwine.

In collaboration with Decora A&C, within this confined mesmerizing 3x3m space, the installation aspires to deepen connections. The architectural elements are not mere structures, they are conduits for an experiential journey into the harmonious interplay.

“The Shell-Membrane Wall”, provides a warm enclosure, intimately embracing the space. Its textured surface becomes a canvas for the interplay of colour and light, evoking an exciting yet calm atmosphere. A seamless seating is curated from the membrane wall as an integral element to relax and rest.

“The Undulating Sky”, serves as the focal point, transforming the compact space into a sanctuary for contemplation and connection.





BS Residence
Double Crescent