AD Residence


Located upon a highly sloped cliff, this classic residence is a striking fusion of timeless elegance and bold modernity. The exterior is a harmonious interplay of pristine white plaster, which gracefully embraces simplified classical wall profiles, contrasted with commanding black accent architectural ornaments.

The architectural splendor extends far beyond the confines of its walls, unveiling a lavish expanse that includes a generous pool and meticulously manicured landscape at the rear of the site. Positioned here, the house unveils a captivating composition of layered structures, each artfully crafted to blend seamlessly with the contours of the sloping terrain. This meticulous design ensures a harmonious integration of the residence with its natural surroundings.

From within the house, the steep incline of the site undergoes a transformative journey, unveiling a spacious plaza-like viewing area. This elevated vantage point provides a breathtaking panorama of the natural valley below, capturing its serene beauty in all its glory. This seamless transition from the interior to the expansive outdoors encapsulates the essence of this architectural gem, where the environment becomes an integral part of the living experience.


Semarang, Central Java



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